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Use Twitter to boost your Customer Service


5 Steps to Improve Your Customer Service Using Twitter : Social Media Examiner Do your customers use Twitter to ask questions and request support? Need a better way to manage your Twitter support? By following the steps in this article, you’ll deliver a superior customer service experience on Twitter. In …

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Get in on the social selling Game

Social Selling: What it is, Why You Should Care, and How to Do It Right Social selling: by now you’ve certainly heard of it, but you may not be entirely sure what it means. Is it the same as social media marketing? (No.) What about social media advertising? (Nope, that’s …

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The Most Popular Social Network With Micro-Influencers

The Most Popular Social Network With Micro-Influencers Online micro-influencers say Instagram is the best social network for reaching audiences and promoting branded content, according to recent research from Bloglovin’. The report was based on data from a survey of 2,500 members of Bloglovin’s community of verified micro-influencers in a range …

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SEO On Page Optimization Strategies

SEO On Page Optimization by Experts, SEO On Page Services India – WebMatriks Ranking of your website on search engines depend much on the on-page SEO technique. On-page SEO is one of the crucial technique that are done within the website to get indexed by search engines and secure better …

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Choosing the right SEO vendor

How to Choose the Right SEO Vendor – business.com Want real world advice you can use to choose a vendor? Marketing expert Andrew Raso provides answers to important questions. Choosing a vendor for SEO (or anything in your business) is a critical step. Making a decision too quickly could result …

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Latest email marketing Hacks

Email Marketing Hacks: Read This Checklist Before Hitting Send Sending a bulk email is an irreversible process. You cannot undo it, edit it, or pull it back from the subscriber’s inbox. It’s done, and you can do nothing even if you immediately realize that you have committed a blunder just …

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Digital transformation for the ambitious

Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Make the Digital Transformation As the CEO of a large company, there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting visionary entrepreneurs and seeing their small businesses take off. Two that come to mind are ” Cakes by Darcy,” a bakery in Roswell, Georgia, that makes …

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When google gets it wrong

When Google Gets It Wrong: Direct Answers With Debatable, Incorrect & Weird Content During the past year, Google has increasingly served up more “direct answers” – a search result that highlights content Google believes is the best answer for a particular question, placed at the top of the results page. …

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